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Property Management in Overland Park

Property Management in Overland ParkAt Premier Property Management, we provide full service property management in Overland Park, KS and to communities throughout Missouri and Kansas where we manage multi-family properties.  Our clients benefit from the effectiveness of our on-site dedicated Overland Park Property Management team which lowers costs for services best provided by our central offices.  At Premier, we know your property is a valuable investment and it is our business to maximize its ROI through professional property management.


• Protect your investment:
We maximize your cash flow by renting your properties for the maximum amount that market conditions will allow.

• Minimize maintenance costs:
We control maintenance expenses by using our extensive network of trusted contractors, many of whom are located in Overland Park where your property may be located.

• Minimize the vacancy period to your Overland Park property:
We utilize our marketing expertise to advertise and promptly process prospective tenants to keep units occupied.


Screening of Prospective Tenants
• Rental history — Follow up with past landlords for references
• Credit worthiness — Late payments, bankruptcy, foreclosures
• Employment verification — Job stability and growth potential
• Debt ratio evaluation — Check tenant’s front and back end debt ratio
• FICO score — check tenant’s FICO score with credit agency

Servicing of All Maintenance Requests, Inquiries and Complaints
• All major repairs will always have owner’s approval before commencement of work
• All contractors are licensed and bonded for your protection, but are not employees so there is no conflict of interest
• No added fees to the cost of contract services and repairs
• Quick response and resolution to all inquires and complaints

Collection of All Fees and Rents
• Collection of rent from tenants, then deposited directly to your bank account or mailbox
• Prompt action taken on all delinquent accounts, including appropriate legal actions within local jurisdictions

Leasing your Overland Park Property
• Evaluate the property before and after occupancy
• Advertise and show units
• Collect applications and screen applicants
• Prepare initial leasing documents and collect deposits
• Provide all required disclosures pursuant to Federal law
• Initiate, monitor and final follow-through of eviction procedures

Maintenance, Repairs and Improvements
• Coordination of all interior and exterior maintenance and repairs
• Plan and coordinate capital improvements for the property
• Coordinate janitorial and gardening services


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